LWPSC program has been designed to transform and effect social change with real world solutions through integration of a new consciousness mindset. This paradigm shift supports effective restructuring through practical and imaginative solutions by offering antidotes to imbalances in today’s world – therefore restoring our rightful heritage as humans to live | work | play | sustain | care.

Where has all the care gone? What has happened to humankind? Why are we all so frustrated? What are we doing wrong? Why do we treat each other the way we do? To find the answers to these questions I spent the last thirteen years studying human psychology, behaviors and actions and have come to the conclusion we must act immediately and with passion to change the direction society is heading.

~ James Lazok, CEO LWPSC


  • Thoughtful integration of time, place, and nature
  • Engaging the mind, body, and soul in peaceful environs
  • Elemental connections to nature: stone, wood, metal, water
  • Bringing the outdoors in through portals and windows
  • Moving gently through seamless, open spaces


  • Ownership of work for more heart, gain, and satisfaction
  • Avenues for retirement, medical care, and financial future
  • Workers as collaborators with one, unified goal
  • Building design which allows for creativity
  • Open work spaces integrated with nature


  • Play stations for grown ups and children
  • Integrative, cooperative entertainment
  • Emphasis on arts, nature, gardening, and other relaxation
  • Playing in nature: walkways, bike paths, domestic animal parks
  • Gathering spaces: library, theater, amphitheater, music pavilion
  • Outdoor dining and entertainment


  • Energy efficiency, solar and wind generation
  • Selection of non-outgassing materials
  • Water catchment, integrated water systems, waterways
  • Technology, computer integration, smart homes, monitors
  • Advanced heating and cooling systems
  • Safety and emergency services


  • Raising the bar on personal consciousness
  • Holding ourselves accountable for long term sustainability
  • Creating social and economic change for the betterment of humankind
  • Improving lifestyle and social wellness for all
  • Leaving a legacy program superseding a failing global system

Upon self reflection I have found that my interaction within the world has been effecting me negatively. Both in my personal life emotionally as well as in my social interactions. I find we must all re-evaluate who we are as people in order to improve. For without each of us striving to become more cognizant of ourselves and aware of each other, how can we have and also expect for a better world in the future?

~ James Lazok, CEO LWPSC